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Hampton Domestic Assault Defense Attorney

Domestic assault, like DUI, is a criminal charge that has gotten out of hand. Laws against domestic violence in Virginia carry heavier punishments than injuring or threatening a stranger.

Every day individuals are led away from their homes, accused of a crime that will devastate their reputations, their job prospects, their chances of obtaining child custody and their freedom.

Spousal Abuse · Elder Abuse · Child Abuse · Abuse By Children

When police get a domestic disturbance call, there is a good chance someone will be charged and booked. They are not there to intervene or counsel, but to stop a fight, and arrest achieves this objective. Not all domestic charges are against husbands and boyfriends. Women are arrested for domestic violence almost as often as men. Whenever household members are assaulted by another — by a parent, child, grandchild or anyone — arrest is possible.

Newport News Family Violence Defense Lawyer

Many people don't realize that arrest for domestic assault doesn't always lead to conviction. A skilled domestic assault attorney like Carter Phillips knows how to take apart police reports and testimony from witnesses and spot contradictions. The "victim" has not always been victimized. When the accuser's story does not add up, dismissal is a common occurrence.

Accused of domestic violence? You have the right to a quality defense. Hampton domestic assault defense lawyer Carter Phillips has obtained dismissals for many clients. Call Carter Phillips Law Office at 757-870-4939, or describe your situation using this online form.

Carter Phillips Law Office serves people in and around Hampton, Virginia, including the cities of Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach, and the counties of York County and Isle of Wight County. The firm has a special relationship with servicemen and servicewomen at Langley Air Force Base, Naval Station Norfolk and the National Guard Armory.


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